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Family Photo Album

Family Photo Album
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Meet my family, the reason I stay home.


My husband Curtis.

Who He Is:

Curtis is a 30+ father and husband. He is a TSGT. in the USAF, he works as a Computer Programmer. He is a fun guy, always in a good mood.

His Interests:

computers, the Colorado Avalanche & the Dallas Stars, the New York Giants, golfing, bowling and hanging out with us.

His Favorite Things:

working on his website, playing puter games, golfing, bowling, watching sports on the tv, and spending time with the family.


My daughter Courtney

Who She Is:
Courtney is a teenager and in Middle School. She enjoys hanging our with her friends at the skate park and playing on her computer.
Her Favorites:
friends, pizza, Hip-Hop, swimming, dancing, singing and watching tv.


My son Cody

Cody is 7 yrs. old and in 2st grade.  He enjoys playing playing outside with his friends, playing video games and playing on his sister's computer.
His Favorites:
chicken fingers, Gamecube, swimming, and drawing.